Information For Members About our Upcoming Election

From FSRC President Mark Frederick

For the process of our elections:

In keeping with our by laws all officer positions are elected on a yearly bases and board members every other year.  Nominations are currently open for all officer positions and two board member positions.  For officer positions, the same individual may continue in the same or different officer position if so elected and voted on by the club members.  Board members, when their elected term in up, must take a two year break from serving and new Board Members must be elected and voted on by the club.  For the upcoming election, nominations for positions on the board and all officer positions are now open.  Anyone wishing to nominate a club member for any position should contact Kim Frederick so that the nominating committee can contact the nominated individual to see if they are willing to serve and so add them to the ballots for voting.  All voting takes place at our March meeting (annual meeting) and newly elected officers and board members will take office immediately after being voted in.

For the coming year the following officer positions will be vacated and in need of filling:

  • President Mark Frederick (outgoing), Will Kernodle (nominated)
  • Vice President Richard Gardner (outgoing), Joe Romanczak (nominated)
  • Secretary Amy Wernecke (outgoing), Linda Surmacz (nominated)

Teresa Tebbens has agreed to, has been nominated to, and will be voted on to continue as club treasurer.  If other nominations for that position are brought to the nominating committee, those individuals will be added to the ballots for March.

For Board Members:

Bob Tebbens and Joyce Shaw are outgoing

Auggie A, Laura Wienmann, Amy Distler Wernecke, and Mike Ohstrom have been nominated.

Members should keep in mind that all nominations must be received before our March meeting.  No additional nominations can be accepted during the meeting.