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August Training Day, Meeting, and Club Picnic

August Training Day, Meeting, and Club Picnic

Johnson Farm (map)

Note: This month we meet on Sunday and we begin training at 8 a.m.

In the dog days of August, the First State Retriever Club holds our annual pot-luck picnic in conjunction with our training day. During the midday picnic we will hold our club meeting. At this meeting, members will vote on changes to our Bylaws. Our secretary, Linda Surmacz, has sent the proposed changes out to all members. We encourage all members to attend learn more about these changes.

To Attend:

  1. Click the black “Potluck Picnic Sign-Up” Button and fill out the form to indicate what you’ll be bringing to the picnic, and

  2. Pay your training fee with the payment buttons at the bottom of this page.

Registration is now a one-step process. Payment of your training fee will be your registration. All payments are made online by clicking the appropriate buttons below. These buttons allow you to pay via PayPal or with your Credit/Debit card. We ask that all payments be made in advance so that everyone can focus on training their dogs on the training day.

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