The weather report was for a coming Nor'Easter complete with 40 MPH winds and heavy rains. Sounds like a good day to stay inside next to a warm cozy fire. But not for members of FSRC!

That was exactly the report for Sunday afternoon and yet 20 handlers and 50 dogs showed up for our January training day.  First of all, I am so thankful that the weather held out (started raining on the last dog) and that we were able to have a very successful training day.  We had some members of DelBay Retriever Club join as well and we were able to donate $200 to the Canal mowing fund.  The set-up crew was there by 0830 and we were running dogs by 0930, right on time.  We had anticipated this being a bumper training session, but oh no! Members showed up and started unloading training birds so that we were able to use birds for training.  Cars, trucks, mini vans, they just kept coming with dogs and handlers of all levels.  It became very apparent very quickly that we needed to split into two groups, one for young dogs and another for more advanced dogs.  No problem!  A group grabbed equipment and birds, headed down the hill and lickety-split, we had two sessions going!

It is truly amazing to see a group of people who are so dedicated to one another and the dogs that we so dearly love.  There were many of our club members who worked very hard to make this day a success, some even working multiple sessions in the field!  To you we are very grateful.  Our set up crew, who also became our take down crew, did a great job showing up early and staying late.  We had members step up and marshall for each set up, people to run the line, holding blinds were kept full, bird throwers did a great job throwing but also helping dogs that needed just that little bit of help, etc., etc.  Phone numbers were exchanged by members and non-members alike with offers to help with that force fetching, pile work, you name it.  That’s what this club is all about!  Well done gang.

I would be remiss in this blog if I did not remind all of our club moto, “We work.”  For those who did, thank you! For those who didn’t, only one question, “why not?”  For those who are brand new and don’t know how yet, jump in we’ll teach ya!

Looking forward to February’s training day in Port Deposit.  I encourage all members to make a special effort to attend as this will be our final nominating day for club officers and planning for the spring hunt test.

This month's training report submitted by Mark Frederick.

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